Thursday, 5 February 2009

Where Have I Been!!!!?

Did you all think that I had given up! LOL Nope, not in the least!! The dream still lives on, now more than ever. I think the beginning of the New Year always fills you with the feeling that you can achieve, what do I want to achieve by the end of this year? People keep telling me not to aim to high too fast, and I do know this! 'Set resonable goals' they say 'you are more likely to achieve smaller goals'. This is fabulous advice, and not something I was unaware of before but people are still worrying that I am aiming to high too soon. So I have come to the conclusion 'I need a smaller goal. To keep people happy.' So here it is:

To own a chicken (maybe even two!)

I think this is a reasonable goal... yeah I need a country house to do it but..... :O)

Enough of the silliness down to some real info!

We are slightly closer to selling the property we need to in order to have a bit of capital behind us when we venture into the housing market. The market is still very slow here, most people can't get a mortgage so can't buy and those who have the money are holding off wondering if 'they just wait a bit longer it might get cheaper'! But it is looking hopeful, as I say, with a couple of interested parties. The problem then remains as to what to do with our current house.. anyone want it? We are going to talk to some investors and financial gurus (ah parents, is there anything they can't do?) about our options.
We are still kept positive that the dream is alive by the presence of suitable looking properties on the market, in roughly the area we are looking at. I have to admit I am always excited when I am looking, even though I know that this house is not THE house, but it reminds me that anything is possible if you work hard at it, and have a little luck!!

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