Sunday, 6 May 2012

Quick Update...

On Friday our little hen emerged with a second chick. I made a check of her nest while she was away and there was some sad news. 

 It appears that the third egg was broken, it must have been only a day or so before, and the chick inside hadn't made it. I suppose it is possible that the fact one chick came early meant there was a lot of movement in the nest that the other two could have lived without in the final stages.

However, the two survivors are doing well and mum is very proud (and, yes, so am I!) They are good little learners and she is a great teacher. Pecking lessons have commenced and both chicks appear to be excelling! 


  1. They are truly adorable. I'm so glad she managed to hatch another healthy chick.

  2. Aren't they adorable!

    Sorry to hear about the 3rd chick, but those 2 look perfect!


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