Monday, 22 February 2010

I Am Still Around!!

Did you think I had disappeared never to return? Well, no such luck I am afraid! I haven't been posting for so long because we are STILL waiting for Sky to sort out our Broadband (Yes we have been waiting since about the 18th Dec 2009!). But rest assured they are CHECKING our account every day! As far as I can make out this means they look at the screen and say 'Oh yeah, that one' then click the 'Checked' button! It is extremely frustrating, particularly as the only people we can speak to are the help desk, not any of the departments that do the actual work or ordering or anything, so every time we phone we just get more 'Well it doesn't say anything on screen'. The latest ridiculous one was that one of these other departments phoned and we were out so they left a message asking us to call back, which we did, but they left the call centre number so ... they didn't know anything!

The major house update is that the floor in the living room is complete, I shall get photos up at SOME point! We have also bought a new vehicle, again photos ASAP. But we should pick it up next Saturday! So it is good bye saloon car hello 4X4! There has also been some baking going on and the first of my seeds have been planted. Once again I shall get more info as soon as I can, but bear with me...


  1. Poor you!! We went through a period of no internet and no tv after we first moved out to our property, but it wasn't anything like how long you've been waiting! Frustrating! Sounds like your spirits are high, though, and you've got lots to look forward to!
    Here's to spring! :-)

  2. Don't you just love callcentres, not. I don't think I could manage without internet access.

  3. glad you're still around...will be keeping an eye out for those pics. going up!


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