Sunday, 13 June 2010

The Finishing Touches

All week I have been busy crazily painting the walls in our living room. Changing them from a "Smokers" Yellow to something called Hint of Pashmina, which is an extremely light pink. We knew that the living room needed lifting and the walls really made it feel old and worn, it needed some freshening up!

After the walls were finished the only thing that was letting the room down were the curtains. I like the material, it is lovely and soft but again they have seen better days and it was time the moved on from curtain duty!

(Sorry about the dark photo, still cannot work out how to get my camera not to do that!) But these are they, three curtains to cover the somewhat large window. I hit eBay with a vengeance. I finally found something which looked perfect, used curtains that had been made to measure in exactly the right dimensions for our window! The seller was amazingly patient with my questions (Are they lined? etc) and my requests (Any chance of a Saturday delivery?) But Saturday arrived and found me waiting patiently by the front door... is it wrong to be THIS excited about curtains? The delivery man couldn't find us - no change there - but eventually the large box was mine. I opened it up and surveyed the contents - first thought YAY! Second thought, how do I put these up then! Turned out we needed an extra pole in addition to the one we already had so this was sought.

The day was a busy one, see another post for those updates, so it wasn't until late that I began putting them up! The curtains were easy, all the fancy stuff wasn't! But by midnight I was done (with the first set anyway! Only one to go in the Dining Room!) And I was VERY pleased!

(Say hurray for getting to grips and getting a better photo!)

It is amazing what a good set of curtains can do, the whole room suddenly looked finished and mighty grand, if I do say so myself! I guess it should be noted that here is the proof that some nice accessories can do a HUGE amount to a room! This means the Living Room is pretty much finished - one down....


  1. Makes me feel guilty, i haven't decorated my front room for eight years (blimey, has it really been that long?!!!!)

  2. ti looks great have every right to be very pleased with yourself. I love the fact I love curtains in general...I think a window with curtains makes a room feel finished much nicer than blinds!!!

  3. It looks great! The curtains really do make it look grand.


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