Friday, 30 July 2010

In the Greenhouse

It may only be a little greenhouse but we have managed some good healthy looking plants in there. Not many but enough to give us a flavour of what we would like to try and do once we get the bigger one.

Here in front of their mini greenhouse are a huge tomato plant (the only one that survived!) A pepper plant in the front. This is one of two, the other is being spoilt on the kitchen windowsill with a gifted Chilli Plant. And on the right a trailing tomato plant. There are several around the garden, I use them to bulk out hanging baskets and make everything in the garden useful.

In the greenhouse next door we have the courgette plant which was also a gift and is doing amazingly well. I would like to grow more of these next year so we can try a few deep fried stuffed courgette flowers.
This is the housemate of the courgette. It is a melon plant (another gift), I am not sure how melon will cope in the famous Scottish weather but so far it is doing well!!

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  1. My melon actually has some fruit on it now which I didn't think was ever going to happen so I will keep my fingers crossed for you too!!


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