Sunday, 5 September 2010

The Bells, The Bells.....

Okay, I haven't said much about the house itself at the moment but I intend to rectify that this week. First things first, the door bell. The house did not have a doorbell, this meant we relied on being able to hear someone knocking at the door, which, when in certain rooms or upstairs was pretty tricky.

But hear lay the first problem, what kind of bell. I wanted something traditional looking, Farm Guy wanted something cheap and simple! My traditional bell was somewhat expensive and so even I had to admit that it probably wasn't the most economical but I couldn't shake the thought of not wanting a tinny rendition of 'Oh When The Saints' every time we got visitors!

But my luck was in, heading to the local DIY shop for something else I spotted that the bell I was after was now less than 1/2 price!! No stopping my negotiating this time and Farm Guy relented... Awwww...

And so the bell was duly bought, brought home, unpacked and... deemed to not be working! Nuts, after all my fuss about wanting this bell the thing didn't work. Back to the shop it went and a replacement was secured.

Home it came and it worked! Hurray! Farm Guy put it up on the wall in the hall above the living room door. (It looks squint but it honestly isn't!!!)

We tried out our new bell. The mechanism was so violent that, with the fittings supplied, there was no way to stop the thing flinging itself against the wall. The sound of the wooden box hitting the wall was almost louder than the bell itself. And to top all of that off, the buzzer from the back door didn't cause the bell to ring at all! 100 metre radius my Aunt Nelly!

The only way that Farm Guy could stop the box from flapping about was to put a couple of 'stops' on either side. These now need to be painted or stained!

But at least we had a door bell. Only problem is... it rang every time you walked into the dining room. Or sat on the sofa!

Oh... My... Lord!!!!!!!


  1. it is a lovely bell...I have an old ships bell hung in my kitchen wall which I used to ring when the kids were young to alert them for doesn't get used now but still looks nice and strikes up conversation with new guests and the kids mates when they're visiting. Have you managed to stop it ringing when you walk through the door or sit on the sofa??? From where I sit that sounds kinda funny but I bet it's very annoying for you!!

  2. What is that? Is it supposed to go off without wiring? I could use one of those upstairs if they more or less work :-)

  3. It is a good looking bell! We seemed to be cursed with doorbells. We have got through several wireless types, but they have all stopped working in a matter of a few months. We have a proper handbell now - but I still haven't put it up yet, even though we have had it for ages. Maybe this weekend......


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