Thursday, 23 September 2010

A Reason for the Interlude...

There has been an interlude in the Realising the Dream blog updates and I have a perfect excuse...

Our little family of two became a family of three. Our new little girl was born on the 14th of September and is our first baby. We were in the hospital for about four days and since coming home we have all been learning a new routine.

As you can imagine our new little one is taking up a large chunk of our time so there may be some delays in the posts for a while. However, rest assured that the blog will continue and the house and garden have lots of news which I will share with you shortly!

Farm Mum has been looking after the garden and dutifully weighing and preparing all the vegetables while I have been away and Farm Guy, between visits to the hospital and looking after his new charge has been organising the plasterer for the upstairs bedroom - which I can now reveal will be a nursery! I have some grand ideas for it so I will be keeping everyone up-to-date with how that goes!


  1. congratulations to really kept that one quiet!!

    Can't wait to be formerly introduced to the newest member of the family.

    Best wishes to you all. xxx

  2. Congratulations!! (again!) ;)

    I have been waiting for you to announce your good news on here! Can't wait to see the nursery!! :)

    Come visit soon...


  3. Wow! Congratulations to you!! I hope all is going well with you and baby.

  4. Well that's a surprise! Congratulations and enjoy. It is a special time for you and your family. And babies smell so great.


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