Saturday, 13 November 2010

November the 5th.. oh okay.. the 6th

We decided that this year we would have a big fireworks party. We invited various neighbours and family around and ended up with 11 people, which is a fine number as it is really the first party we have ever hosted with people other than family. Anymore than that and I think that we would have felt a bit overwhelmed, particularly with farm baby to look after as well.

I love having groups of people around as it meant that I can cook some of the recipes I love but are for many, many people. I don't tend to make cheesecake for instance as it means that the pair of us would be eating cheesecake for a week! So a party is the greatest time for those big recipes!!

We went for a barbeque and bonfire. We set up one of the old barns (in fact the cow shed!) with chairs and a table and lamp borrowed from my Farm Dad's caravan which we currently have in our driveway. When Farm Dad got there he decided we needed a carpet down, so that came out of the load waiting to be taken to the recycle centre! Once the other tables, BBQ and a fire pit brought by our neighbours the barn was very cozy! A bit smokey as the first choice of positioning for the fire pit was slightly wrong and filled the barn with smoke but it is petty airy so it soon cleared.

Farm Baby loved the fireworks, well she did what I assume baby's do when they are happy and contented, she slept. Yep, she slept through the entire thing! With so many people ready to look after her it wouldn't have been to much of an effort!

For this party I made White Chocolate and Raspberry Cheesecake, Halloween Pumpkin Cake and a Bacon and Mushroom Quiche. This was what was on my list but when I spotted a recipe for Red Onion Relish I just had to make it too, perfect for the hot dogs and burgers. I will add the recipes for the final two on my recipe blog in due course.


  1. Glad you had a good time..we had family fireworks and that took us up to a total of 12 so I don't think we would want

    Glad to hear farm baby was impressed with the

  2. LOVE your pumpkin!! :)

    I can solve your cheesecake dilemma...

    ...just pay a visit to your old colleagues!! With Farm Baby & cheesecake, you'll be welcomed with open arms! :) x


  3. Looking forward to the recipe for red onion relish.


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