Sunday, 30 January 2011

A Great Header....

Since Farm Baby came into our lives I have noticed that everything is incredibly noisy!  I don't mean her, but everything else!  She was having her nap and, most unusually for her, she had struggled to drop off.  She had been moved from one place to another but none suited her today.  Eventually after dropping off once of Farm Guy then waking up I managed to get her to sleep in her sleeping tent thing (?).  At this point I decided to have a nice glass of fizzy juice, Irn Bru if anyone is interested!  And I remembered to exit the room to avoid any crazy hissing as I opened the bottle disturbing the sleeper.  I came back in and began pouring and MY GOD how noisy is juice going into a glass!? 

I never noticed until I need to be quiet how loud everyday things are!  We must be surrounded by noise all the time and just not notice it.  No wonder we notice the quiet when we finally are in it!

Anyway, you may have noticed that the picture has nothing to do with that story!  But it does have to do with Farm Baby.  Our little one is not bald but she looks it as her hair is so fair, so I decided that as a lady she wouldn't want people staring so I decided to try my hand at making some headgear for her.  (There is a dress attempt coming up so prepare yourselves for that!)  I have been practicing fabric roses but I won't give you a tutorial on that as I went searching myself, but I will direct you to the best written tutorial I found - Portobello Pixie's Tutorial.  Actually her site has a few great tutorials so you could check them out.  So once I had my Rolled Fabric Rose I had to make a headband for it to go on.  

I had some stretch jersey fabric in my hobby cupboard so I cut out a strip 2.5" (6cm) wide and 15" (38cm) long.  Putting right sides together I sewed up the long side, creating a tube.  Using a knitting needle I turned the tube inside out.

Next I put it round Farm Baby's head and marked the size I needed, trimming off the excess.  I overlapped the ends slightly (not further than the head band is wide) and sewed them together.

To cover the join I used the excess I had cut off the band and wrapped it over the join, sewing it at the back.  This make a nice little headband on its own and of course can be done in any colour.

I wanted to make the band 'reusable' so I sewed a safety pin on the back of the rose.  Not the easiest thing to do, I think next time I would use perhaps a small crocodile clip and some hot glue, but a safety pin was all I had.  Now she can wear the band with or without the rose! Ta Daaaa!

You may have noticed the "crystals".  Years ago I tried beading and I have the leftovers in the Hobby Cupboard, I found a few pale blue ones, as I thought they'd look like raindrops and sewed them on.  Obviously if you are doing these for babies the beads must be WELL secured so I would recommend sewing them on rather than gluing, or I guess you could do both, and ensuring the thread is secured well.

I intend to do a more universal one, probably with a white, cream or stretch lace headband, so I can then make a rose or ribbon for each outfit and it will go with the headband, red is a bit limiting!

Have a good one...


  1. This looks great and I bet farm baby looks adorable in it!!

  2. That's really pretty! I should really try to make some hair accessories for my girls!



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