Tuesday, 1 February 2011

The Flower Patch Dress or a Practice Run!

Right, I warned you that there was a dress on the way, this isn't it!  But it is a starter for it.  I have bought some amazingly cute fabric - let's hear it for eBay - which I am awaiting but I wanted to get a practice before I commit to my expensive fabric. Well, okay my NEW fabric, I may love Farm Baby but until she stops growing at a rate you can actually SEE I will limit my budget on fabrics!

I had this intense 60's flower power fabric in the stash and I had always wanted to use it for something, but it is a bit intense for an adult sized outfit, unless you are considering some form of time travel.  But for baby clothes it is just right. 

This dress not only allowed me to practice my ideas for the main dress but also let me use my fabric and, if I have done it right, this should do Farm Baby from now (4 1/2 months) to 9 months-ish, with only the minor alteration of a couple of button moves.

I thought I would post just to give you a sneak peek at what the dress will look like, this is the basic shape and the method of fastening that I will use.  It will have different 'flourishes' - did you spot the re-emergence of the Rolled Fabric Rose?  What a versatile little thing it is!  

I struggled with what to do at the neckline, I toyed with collars and ruffles and more roses but in the end decided that as the fabric was so fussy that less was more and went with a modern looking little square patch.

This hasn't been finished perfectly, the 'official dress' will have nice binding around the edges but I am pleased with how it turned out and I am looking forward to its first outing.

Can't wait for the new fabric to arrive!!


  1. I think this is fantastic...I used to have quite a few dresses of this style for my girls as you can dress them just as is in the summer or you can add socks and long sleeve tees in the spring/autumn...or even roll neck tops and tights in the winter.

    i think the fabric is great...Bold is always best!!!!

  2. Aaaaww!! She'll look so pretty in that! :)

    Is there no end to your talents, missus!? :)


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