Saturday, 23 April 2011

The Chicken Coop Commences...

Well as you may remember, a loooooonnnnnggg time ago we purchased a chicken coop and placed in proud position just north of the vegetable patch!

Well it sat there for a year looking sorry for itself but finally it is bursting into life.  Farm Dad has been working on the pen that will go around the coop itself.  It is going to be large as the coop can hold up to 25 chickens, so we decided we may as well make the run big enough to do the same.  Even though we don't intend to get that many hens or have them enclosed in the run all the time, it was decided that it was better to be prepared for the maximum there is ever likely to be!  No point having to change it all somewhere down the line if we decide to go for more hens, all for the sake of some extra posts and wire!

I have also been giving it a nice coat of protective paint.  As with all paint it isn't quite the colour I was expecting but it is a nice cheery yellow-orange as you can see!  One more coat to go but the weather today put a halt to coop painting! Boooooo!


  1. What kind of chickens will be living in there?

  2. We aren't sure what kind of chickens we are going to get yet. Farm Guy used to have some form of Bantam when he was growing up but I like the big red "chicken" chickens! We are wondering about trying to integrate a mixture but as we are after eggs there will definately be some good layers among them. There is a breeder of many different types locally so we will be going for a chat when the time comes.

    There is also the possibility of rescuing some ex-battery hens as well which I am very keen on, I am investigating it as a possibility too!

  3. It's a very nice you can't wait to get your chickens...just remember if you buy some and then want to purchase more at a later date they have to be added in pairs and there is the chance they may fight so you might want to go for your maximum straight off to save the heirachy being threatened in the future.


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