Thursday, 19 May 2011

Disaster on the Farm

Disaster is maybe a tad over the top but it certainly felt like it and it has caused some mayhem in its aftermath!  Somehow we have had drastic deaths in the vegetable patch!  All the Runner and French Bean plants are dead, around 40 plants total.  They were all healthy, growing well and seemed to have adapted to the gales we have been having at the moment.  Then one morning I go out and they have all dropped dead, some are dry and crispy whilst others look like they filled up with water and went mushy!  Very strange, and all in the space of one night.  

The beans have not be the only mysterious deaths either the cabbages took offense at the hot weather and even with watering shrivelled up and pushed their boots skywards.  And the Brussel Sprouts just ceased to be, one minute there the next they're gone!  I think something ate them!!

And to top it off the celery just laughed and died as well!

All in all a good time is being had by all!!!  The peas, however, are thriving, they apparently saw the whole bean massacre from their adjoining rows but are saying nothing.  The rocket and beetroot are also holding their own and the broad beans are showing them how it is all done!  The carrots were looking good too but they seemed to have gone the way of the beans and changed their mind.  

I am blaming the odd weather we have been having, I have been getting reports from gardeners and farmers alike that crops are doing odd things at the moment, its all this Bermuda heat and then howling wind and rain that is doing it, confusing the little darlings!

So there has been some emergency re sowing of extra seeds to replace the lost battalions and they are all looking good.  I am hoping, and so far, with fingers crossed, it is all looking like this won't be the set back that it may have been but it did dampen spirits somewhat.


  1. To top all that off, we've had frost too!

    A really bizzare state of affairs at the moment regards the weather!

    Martin :)

  2. Oh that's a shame! All your hard work too!! :(

    Hope the rest of your veggies go the distance!...

  3. I think lots of people are in the same boat...i have had to do some re-sowing too so I know how you feel...but there is plenty of time yet so don't get too discouraged!!


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