Friday, 27 May 2011

Slightly Premature?

I think our thoughts on becoming the egg supplying capital of Scotland was possibly a bit premature.  Today we had 0, yep count 'em, 0, eggs!  

We are not overly worried as we had been warned that they may go off laying for a couple of days through the stress of moving home.  We thought we had missed that problem with the eggs laid yesterday but possibly they had them 'brewing' already and the enormity of the move has only just sunk in.  

They are all looking very healthy and happy though and are still very friendly.  They run to the door of the run as you approach and are happy to peck around your feet.  It looks to me like they have been around people and are happy to be picked up but it is more of a pick up because they need to moved somewhere.  They don't seem to understand touching or picking up as an affection thing, but we can work on that.

Someone asked me yesterday what the eggs were like and I can confirm that they were lovely.  I had a couple for lunch today, cooked I might add into a rather tasty cheese omelette!

Hopefully tomorrow will fair better for egg collection...

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  1. I'm sure they'll settle down soon and lay lay lay for months and months!!

    Martin :0)


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