Sunday, 12 June 2011

Good to Have a Bad Day, But I Wouldn't Recommend....

It was good to have a bad day, makes the rest of the time seem that much better!   Thanks for allowing the little private rant, sometimes its good to go ARGGHHHH!  LOL!!

Even though I haven't felt 100% today (headache, sore throat.  Maybe that's why I found the cats in the nest boxes unfunny: coming down with something!  Find it funnier today! Silly boys!) I have been much more upbeat, the dogged chicken is looking good, although still a little sore and the drain is unblocked, it was just a case of elbow grease with a plunger.  My laundry made it out the washing machine alive!  And nothing cleans a kitchen floor like washing machine water!

To top it off my little chickens managed two eggs today.  I am starting to think they may be younger than we first thought.  I know little about such matters but the egg at the bottom of the picture is white, as you can see, and the shell is rough and very fragile.  Now, we have had some like this before and eventually they starting becoming more like the one at the top of the photo.  Could it be young chickens just 'learning' to lay that causes this?  Or is it just because they've been off lay for a while, they need to get back into it again?  Either way I hope this is a sign.  Cross what you got people!!

A check of the perimeter showed only one place that the dog could get in, or indeed the chickens out, it was by our yard gate.  So a makeshift defence has been built and looks to do the trick.  We are getting a new gate hopefully, so when that is in it'll be even better.  Bizarrely, after all the 'stressers' to these chickens they have actually laid better today, although I wouldn't recommend the last few days as the way to go if your chickens aren't laying!!!  We shall see what tomorrow shall bring and see if omelette can be back on the menu!

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  1. Horray for some eggs! I date mine too, even though they come from the store.


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