Wednesday, 1 June 2011

Making the Most of Our Mint

Our herb garden I thought was a loss.  The plants looked sad and leggy and ... well... dead.  But they have burst into life and we now have very healthy looking plants. 

This is our mint.  It was taking over the herb garden so the few straggly leafless stems were transferred into their own little tyre raised bed.  When I first transplanted it, it looked like it was barely alive but look at it now!  There are two mint plants in this tyre, a kind of rough leafed one with rounded leaves (front of picture) and a second one that has shinier, more pointed leaves (back of picture).  I have no idea what each one is.  The shinier leaf smells more spearminty than the other but I don't know if it is.  If anyone recognises either then please let me know what they are!!

It was the shiny one that I choose for my Mint Tea experiment.  I have never made tea from anything that I have grown myself so this was all pretty hit and miss!

I picked a few leaves, tore them slightly and poured on boiling water.  I let it seep for a couple of minutes then took out the leaves.  The result was a very attractively coloured and very refreshing drink.  I think I will have to have it again!  Does anyone know any other herbs that make good drinks?


  1. Is that just treated in the same way? Pick some leaves and add boiling water?

  2. Chamomile...fennel...lemon balm...elder flowers makes good water....dandelions......there are so many things you can use to make drinks with!!


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