Monday, 11 July 2011

This first harvests from the garden are always the best.  The tell of things to come.  The reason why I have put so much effort (and this year tears) into growing-my-own!  We so far have managed about 700g of raspberries, across three pickings.  The first batch went to make Raspberry Curd, the second went into Raspberry Muffins and the third I am starting my saving to get enough to make jam, they are freezing as we speak!  

The Raspberry Curd is not bad.  I am going to admit it isn't the kind of thing that has you clamouring at the fridge door for just another taste but it is nice.  It is sweet and very raspberry-y.  It was also another use for the eggs we have been slowly gathering.  As you can see today we broke the 100 barrier for this year - WooHoo!  We are getting around 4 or 5 a day now and just two days ago the three new Maran chickens, well one of them at least, started laying too.  We also sold our first eggs, 5 half dozens are now being enjoyed throughout the area.  I will admit that I had a pretty big smile on my face when we sold our first box!

We have also managed four potatoes, very nice they were too, if a little small.  I am not sure we are going to be getting many potatoes this year, not compared to last year anyway.  As I hadn't been covering them with earth as often as I should so they are not very far underground.  But having said that we aught to get a decent amount.

As you can see my computer is now up and running again, but we had to wipe everything so it will take me a while to get fully operational again.  I did manage to save most stuff before we wiped the drive so its just a case of finding time to sort through and re install.  As soon as that happens you will get a lovely chicken meets chicken video, as promised in the last post!


  1. Red raspberries- mmmmm. I need to go look for some along the railroad tracks.

  2. Glad you are benefiting from your harvests...and congrats on selling your feels great when you can give back into the community!!

    My raspberries are autumn ones so it will be a while yet before I get any fruit....I have to say I have never heard of raspberry curd!

  3. We have both summer and autumn raspberries so we should get them for quite a long time! They are the raspberries that I had to guess which was which when it came to pruning so hopefully I did it right!

  4. We're only going to be planting our raspberries this year so will just have to look on enviously for 18 months or so at everyone else's... ;)
    Glad to hear you're selling eggs though, thats pretty cool!


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