Wednesday, 27 July 2011

Hey! Who Are You!?

About a month ago, possibly more, we started hearing a plaintive meowing around the house late at night. We assumed it was one of our boys. Then we began seeing a flash of white and tabby scooting around at the edges of our vision. Then, one evening I called the cat boys in for dinner and round the corner came one (Monty), two (Rocco) and... three?! All in a little row. Their new friend was reluctant to come to close but stood and cried in the yard for a while.

After a couple of return visits I felt sorry for it and gave it a handful of the boys cat biscuits, it ate them gingerly and wandered away. We didn't see it again for a few days - yes the biscuit impressed it that much.

About a week ago I was casually watching TV one evening when through the door marched the new friend, parked his butt in the middle of the floor, said "Meow", fell over, rolled about and started purring! He then took a good long look around the whole house, like he owned the place - meowing the WHOLE time I might add. He went back out.

He know appears every-so-often and goes through the same routine. We are not sure whose he is, there are three possibilities, a neighbours', lost or dumped. We are currently siding with the latter two. We are keeping our eyes and ears open for people missing a cat in the area. We aren't sure if he plans to stay or not, he can go several days without appearing and I figure he has moved on but then back he comes!

So if anyone recognises this cat, he is a full male and has A LOT to say from himself, as you can see from the photo!.... LOL

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  1. He is lovely...I used to have a cat similar to this but I know he isn't mine as the cap on the head is different.....he certainly looks well fed though and I am glad he has chose you for a friend...maybe he will come by more often as the months get colder.


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