Wednesday, 3 August 2011

Farmyard Designs!

I decided to have another go at clothing making. I am still going to stick with making things for the Farm Baby as it is quicker and what is better than making my little girl look cute! I decided to go with making her a party dress for her birthday next month (I can't believe that it has been a whole year!) so I set out to find the perfect pattern.  It was then that I happened upon this blog - - and it has become a favourite.  I found a great pattern here and decided to go for it!  

I had picked up the spotty material when we were in town a couple of days ago, I discovered it in the fabric shops remenants bin for £3.  It was perfect for the job.

I really enjoyed myself, so much so that I had to post my creation before it was quite finished - I haven't got the buttons for the back yet.  But I am very pleased with it and am already looking at material to make a second one, more of a sundress style for everyday, with some nice bright flowery fabric!

So, take a look at the finished (ish) product.  Apologies for the photos, I don't know how people make photos of clothes look so professional, mine just come out looking, well... flat!  But you can get the idea!

There was some left over fabric so I sat and played around for a while and eventually came up with a Bow Headband to go with it!  She's all set for her birthday now!!

If you are loving this and want to give it a go then check out the pattern HERE.


  1. Nicely done! I used to make all clothes around here.

  2. What a beautiful dress...i had a lot in this similar style for my girls when they were young...unfortunately though they were store bought as i just don't have a knack for the sowing machine!


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