Thursday, 11 August 2011

Meet My Malamute

There was one family member missing. We had always had a plan to fill that gap but only when we were ready. 
Now we are ready. 
After much research we had settled on exactly what we wanted - the Alaskan Malamute. The only problem was, trying to find a breeder that wasn't hundreds of miles away.  We knew that when they did become available in the area we would have to be ready. Well, last Sunday the time came, and it turned out that the breeder was only 5 minutes down the road!  We had seen her ad before and had let it pass as her price was a little too high for us,  then we noticed that she had re posted so we tried our luck and asked if she could reduce her price at all.  She did.  It was on!

We went along, hoping that the puppy viewing would be successful but preparing to ask all the questions needed. If anything wasn't right we would have to walk away. When we arrived there was only one pup remaining. We peaked over the door into the stall and there was a, pretty huge, wiggly puppy. He was very cute and friendly. Farm Baby loved him and announced "cat!" Not quite, but not a bad guess! We asked about him, particularly why he was left when the others had gone. Apparently she had taken a deposit on him at the same time as the other pups went. The new owners were to pick him up when they returned from holiday last week. When they did return they contacted her and said they no longer wanted him. This was why she had re listed her ad (and also probably why she was more willing to lower her price). All his papers were in order and he was healthy and active so we made the decision and he came home with us that night.

And so we know have a Farm Dog, please let me introduce...  Apache, the Red and White Alaskan Malamute!  He is 11 weeks old and already weighs in at around 10 kg (that's 1 st 8 lbs for people who think like me!).  It is reckoned he'll reach around the 40 kg (6 st 4 lbs) mark.  He is settling in well and has already pretty much mastered Come and Sit, although the Malamute stubbornness is showing its head occasionally!  The cats and chickens are teaching him a few manners too.  He will go to puppy classes to help his socialisation, but as he was late to be brought to a new home, he was behind on his injections, so we have to wait another three weeks before he can really venture out safely.


  1. A warm welcome to Apache, isn't he lovely and he'll keep you warm in the Winter! Lovely paws - a bit strange I know, but there is something about paws that I love!!

  2. Welcome, Apache- you are very handsome.

  3. Oh he is adorable...we lost our dog to cancer a few years ago and due to work and busy lives have never replaced her...I miss her terribly though and seeing puppies always gets me thinking about owning another of my own.

  4. Aaaaaaaawwww!! He's gorgeous!! :)
    Well, that's another thing ticked on your list! ;) What will it be next? An alpaca?... A horse?... It's all coming together, eh? Soooo pleased for you!!



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