Tuesday, 24 July 2012

Meh! Meeeeehhhhh!!!

It's official, we can call ourselves a farm, smallholding, general cool place! 

We have goats!!

After much preparation for goaty arrival, ad searching, paddock making and all the other fah-de-lah, we managed to find the perfect pair.  These two lovely ladies are Angora goats who were in need of a new home as their owner really didn't have the space for the two little escape artists!  They are eight years young and have beautiful personalities!

It all happened very fast, as I have noticed things do for us when it is the right move!  We heard about them on the Wednesday, visited on Saturday afternoon, showed their mum and dad what we had to offer them Saturday night, discussions and chatting and Sunday morning they arrived. 

They are keeping out of the fabulous Scottish summer at the moment, in a cozy stable, which also gives us all a chance to get to know each other better.  

Their paddock needs a fence propping up as a Shetland Pony decided that if the fence is too high to lean over to get the grass, squish it!  As soon as we have a new fence post in then the girls will get their first glimpse of their new field!

They are very friendly, especially if you have a carrot or two and Farm Toddler (the artist formally know as Farm Baby!) adores them, with an announcement of 'Goats.  See um! See um!' Every few minutes.  At which point a carrot is prepared and visit ensues!

We hope these two ladies enjoy their new forever home and give us many years of pleasure!

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  1. Your new goats are very cute! But look at those horns!!!


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