Friday, 27 July 2012

New To You

What a week!!An acquaintance of ours came to us with an offer/request. He had chickens but was down to only two, for various reasons, so had decided that he wanted to call it a day.  He was looking for a new home for these last remaining two so asked if we could take them on.

Of course we said yes!

He has no idea what type they are or anything, they could easily be crosses but they are apparently very friendly and great layers.

They seem to be getting on fine with our bunch!

That takes us to seventeen......



  1. Yeah! More chickens! We ahve 17 chickens also - 15 hens and 2 roosters!

  2. Snap!!

    We now have 1 rooster, ten definate hens, four two week old unknowns and two youngsters, one looks very hen-ny and the other could be a rooster!

  3. Wow, check you out!! Can't wait to meet the goats :) congratulations on your growing furry family farm xx

  4. I must say, you have been very lucky when introducing new chickens...often they can be very territorial and fight...just shows how secure and content they feel.

  5. Well, there does look like there may be some problems brewing with the red hen. The rooster is taking a dislike to her, not sure why he has changed his mind, all was going well and she doesn't appear to be being anything other than submissive. We will have to watch how it goes, we shall keep you posted. The yellow one is fine however and has been well accepted!


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