Monday, 20 July 2015

Harvest Monday - First (Proper) Cold Frame Harvest

Well, our first true cold frame harvest. One decent sized courgette and four, rather sweet, little cucumbers.

And a carrot.

I know this is hardly life sustaining but after our horrendous start to the year I am just glad to be getting anything from anywhere.

I am very much loving the cold frame though, it has been amazing in how well it has helped the garden along. This is my first time using one so I will admit to using it a bit like a greenhouse at times, hence the cucumbers and courgettes.

My dad built the cold frame for me, check out a picture at the bottom of this post.

It has been amazing for bringing on the seedlings and some of the plants that normally I'd assume to be pretty hardy, but in this years horrendous weather they've needed all the help they can get!



  1. Congrats on your first "proper" harvest! I know how exciting (and delicious!) that can be. I would love to add a cold frame to the garden - what a help it would be. Of course, I want everything now, but there are only so many hours in a day, so I just have to keep telling myself...all in good time.

  2. Well, at least it's a nice looking carrot! :) I have at least a month to go before I'll have any at all. And my cukes (and squash) are all infested with cucumber beetle - so I'd take your little cukes any day!

  3. It is a nice little harvest. It is too bad you had to struggle through bad weather. Hopefully it will get better for you.


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