Thursday, 2 July 2015

So Hot!

The weather has suddenly turned toasty hot here! Ridiculously so! I know it's probably nothing compared to what some people get but for a windy hill in Central Scotland it's crazy hot!
Our Malamute isn't enjoying it at all. He only gets a few weeks a year like this but he doesn't look forward to them. Nowhere is cool enough. With the door open its not cool enough. With the fan on its not cool enough.
I put ice cubes in his water bowl to try and help out but it's no good! A friend of our used to get the paddling pool out for his Mal but Apache won't go anywhere near anything water related!

Some of us are enjoying the nice hot weather though!

All this hot weather means lots of watering needed and our hose doesn't fit on the tap,which is upside down anyway, so it's watering cans at the ready!


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