Wednesday, 4 March 2009

Continual Inspiration...

There is always need for inspiration when planning anything, and something as large as we are planning needs that little bit more. Drive and ambition take you so far, they are what get you out of bed and fill you with the feeling of 'I can achieve this' but Inspiration helps you over come those obstacles and fuels your drive to achieve.

I have been roaming around looking for said inspiration, what can I aspire to achieve. And I have come across many blogs, of regular people, just like me who have achieved and that is enough to let me know that it is possible! Blogs like: The Smallholder's Diary. I will be a regular visitor to the site to see how his dream of having a fully functioning vegetable garden is progressing! And also getting a load of tips along the way. He is also the proud owner of several chickens, which I am very interested in as I am still, in fact more keen than ever, to have chickens. I will be looking at plans when the time comes and batting my eyelids at dad, who is VERY handy and already as keen as me to get to work!! Although, self sufficiency is not the main aim of our move, I am a keen gardener and a vegetable patch and fruit trees is most definitely on the cards. I intend to do a small selection of posts on some of the smaller projects that I will be undertaking in the interim between moving and well.. now. The uncertainty of our move time makes me unsure as to how big a gardening challenge I should undertake but it is hard to stay away!

I encourage those who are interested in self-sufficiency to take a browse around, there are so many out there whose dreams are now reality. I will bring you updates as I find more inspiration.


  1. Thanks for giving my blog a mention! Good luck with your move - you have certainly chosen an "interesting" time to do it!! I will keep checking back here to see how you are doing.

  2. WoW! Some nice spacious places you showed. I love looking at houses. But I know it's a whole different story when you are looking to find the 'just right' one for you.
    We happened on to ours by accident and got it for a song and dance 19 years ago. Just a happy accident.
    The best of luck to you and your dream of getting your place in the country!


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