Monday, 9 March 2009

Saturday 7th March - Property Viewing

Off we went to look at another property. And here are the particulars:

Bedrooms: 4
Bathrooms: 2
Land: 4.5 acres
Stables. Separate Double Garage. 'Community' feel

You approach the house up a farm track, so the property itself is set far back from the road. It is part of a development, appearing to consist of the converted barns of the old farm, and amounts to 6 attached properties. The one that we were looking at being one of the end properties. First impressions were good, although once again we hadn't been expecting so many houses in the area. We were aware that this property was attached but didn't realise it was to 5 other properties. However, the owner was quick to point out that they felt very secure here as everyone knew each other and knew who should be about and who shouldn't. They also didn't feel like the other houses encroached onto the property as their front door was essentially facing all the other properties back doors, so in the summer they had privacy as the neighbours were all using their front gardens on the other side.

Inside, the property was clean and bright and modern. There was plenty of space with the rooms being very large. 4 decent sized bedrooms, one of which was en suite, meant that there was plenty of room for us to 'expand'. The only thing I was unsure of was the upstairs hall, it felt very narrow and a bit claustrophobic, but again not so much as to make the property unlivable!! I particularly liked the kitchen, not as big as I would have been looking for but enough room for a decent sized table and plenty of easy to reach aplliances (included in sale).

The land that comes with the property runs along the bottom of the development and extends to
4.5 - 5 acres. This is currently used as grazing land for horses and is split into three or so paddocks. The stable block was at the bottom of the garden, beyond the garage, so was amazingly accessable to the house, and consisted of three stables and a tack room. The current owners didn't have horses at present but were renting the fields and stables to a local horse owner. The land was restricted in its usage to equestrian purposes only which would cause us some issue. Ideally we are looking for a property with out buildings we can convert as it is often much easier to get planning permission for a conversion that it is to get permission for a new build. Also, as with this property the designation of the land could cause problems.

All in all though a very desirable property. Not perfect for our needs but useful in what it can show us, particularly, once agaian, to see the land size, as one big expanse of land, as this gives the best idea of what we are getting. So the decision has been made that we need no more than 6 acres (unless its a bargain property, in which case we wouldn't turn away something with more), so we are looking for between 4 and 6 acres. And some convertable outbuildings...

..not too much to ask... is it?

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  1. That's a nice looking place. I wish our yard was that big. The yard we have now is rather small :P


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