Tuesday, 3 March 2009

Every So Often A Sulk Helps...

Yes, it is true, every-so-often a good sulk helps because it helps you realise that whatever you are doing is obviously not working and something needs to change! (So you aren't sulking, you are being Pro-Active!!) So what was my sulk? Basically along the lines of:

'Why is EVERY other area of Scotland selling properties that are ideal for major knock down prices except where we want!!!?'

Stamp, Sulk, Mope, Whinge, Whine ... Action.

I decided that there was absolutely no way that no one on the entire western end of the central belt was hanging on to their rural property. Its impossible, particularly as everywhere else seems to have an abundance (which incidentally is a disco for small cakes) of properties that fit the bill. So I went for some serious searching and my labours were fruitful. For some reason, known only to those involved, rural properties in said area are sold by specialist Solicitors (as a general rule). I managed to find some great properties which we are hoping to get a booking to see, still need to see what's out there.

So the lesson here is persevere, if you think it should be out there, then it probably is, you just have to know where to look. I am actually quite enthused if even only for the reason that I have solved a problem and learnt a small (but useful) lesson!
This is one of the sites that I have discovered:
Managed to find a couple of likely candidates from here. Still a bit on the pricey side but at least they are close to what we are after!

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