Wednesday, 20 May 2009

A Visit To The Farm..

So, we went to see the house that we have been considering. Here's what we thought..

5 Bedrooms
2 bathrooms
1.9 acres of land total
Couple of derelict buildings
A byre suitable for conversion

The property had its own small courtyard with a gate seperating it from the farm track that leads from the main road. We checked out the house first and were very impressed. The rooms were large and suitable to move into straight away. Nothing needed doing and everything was beautifully finished. Our only initial concern was that there was no obvious sitting room. The room that was listed as the sitting room was acting a bit like a corridor as it was necessary to cross diagonally across the middle to go from the entrance hall to the dining room (and the rest of the house).
The land was in bad shape and would be needing a lot of TLC to turn it into something useable but it is not undoable. The solicitor that showed us round was very encouraging as he said there was a drive in the area to increase tourism so anything (like self catering cottages) would probably be easy to pass through the planning office.
The parents came along and were having a good look round. They could see the potential in the property also but they also saw the work that would be needed to get the land into shape. The dog loved the pond doing a couple of laps before we managed to get him to get out, which he did after claiming a plastic duck that he had found.
The property has been on the market for over a year and has been standing empty for just as long and is beginning to show it. Apparently the owner is keen to sell as soon as possible, which means we would maybe be able to get it for a pretty good price!
We have a lot to think about!!

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