Monday, 11 May 2009

Where Have I Been....?? But great news!!

I feel bad and I should apologise! I have not done any of the things that I said I would do and there have been no updates! Bad me! But I have not be idle.

But the biggest news is this! The second property we have been awaiting selling has sold!!!! Actually it was sold a while ago but I didn't want to jinx it! The keys are handed over to the new owners this thursday (14th) and that's it all done!! This means we are able to get seriously into looking at new places without worry!! This is what we have been waiting for but also suddenly makes things scarily real! What the heck are we doing....???

As a result of this we spent the weekend moving furniture from my grandmother's house (the house just sold), into one of D's dad's sheds. This is the furniture that we had requested before the rest of the contents were sold. D Snr is going to store it all for us until we move in. We are the proud owners of:

1 dining room table + 4 chairs
1 kitchen table + 4 chairs
1 dining room side board
1 other side board
1 wooden bench
2 large bookcases
1 glass fronted cabinet
2 wall clocks
1 grandfather clock
2 pouffes

All these are awaiting our moving from their new home of a large farm shed with neighbouring combine harvester!

So this weekend is the visit to the property I have been rattling on about to anyone who would listen for the last 6 weeks. (See post below). With this visit though we will get inside and potentially find out all that is wrong with it. We have good feelings about this after long discussions with both sets of parents this week (one reason why I wasn't updating, wasn't around!) Have even discovered D's sudden liking of a goat, that he can tether in the middle of a round lawn... methinks this has something to do with lawn mowing duties! What is really great is that all parents are coming to see the house this weekend too, so it will be good to get people's opinions and especially's D's father's input as he is the farming expert!!

Further joy on the current "ranch" arrived yesterday when I discovered that the pump in the fish pond has broken, why now? Why not in 6 months time when it is someone else's problem! It wouldn't bother me so much but the people who put in the pump thought that concreting it in would be a good idea so to change it will be a huge job. The only other option I can come up with is to buy a new pump that I can just put in, untidily, leaving the old one there, then take the new one with us when we leave. Chances are high that we will need a new pump for the place we move to anyway. Not sure how well that will go down with selling it though 'here is a pond, pump is broken and we are taking away the one that works' problem's yours.!!! I guess we'd be taking the fish too so initially they wouldn't need a pump anyway... hmmm...

Things have been active in the garden and I do have some photos of how the lettuce is coming along and soon there will be a sweetcorn update also! The lettuce has had to be brought inside, due to ants! The have been slowly munching through the new leaves as fast as they have been growing! So I have brought the bowl into the conservatory to give them a bit of protection until they are bigger.

Just thought that I would also mention to any chicken owners out there (current or wannabe) that Life on a Southern Farm blog is giving away a couple of their fabulous nesting boxes!! Get in there and win a chicken paradise!!

So there you are, a mis match of updates in a strange order, now you know the rambliongs I have to go on with in my head all the time.... But just to say we are very excited at the prospect of finally taking that first step. We have to remain impartial and look at the property sensibly, hard though....

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