Thursday, 30 April 2009

House Up-Date

Well, I thought I would keep you in suspenders no longer. If you have made a guess at which house we are going to see (after saying we wouldn't back in September) is ta daaaa....
The price has since been dropped and become a fixed price property which is always easier to deal with. It is about an hour away from where we are, in the wrong direction, but the property looks so good we are considering it as, if you have found the right property you'll need to make some sacrifices! I will not be able to report on the actual visit as it is a Solicitor that is taking us round and so the earliest that they could fit us in was the 16th so you lovely people will have to wait until then before you hear all about it. I can give you a low down though.
Five bedrooms, only one bathroom but has a shower room. Kitchen, Living Room/Dining Room, pantry. There are various outhouses and other buildings as well as a small amount of land. Not as much land as we would have liked but there may be the possibility of buying more as it is right in the middle of farm land. Development looks plausible as recently a new build was put up near by, my thinking is if they allowed that then why not a couple of shed conversions, but that would need to be explored. Very close to a lovely tourist area in Scotland and nice central location for a load of others!
So, I am very excited to go and see it. I wanted to the first time I saw it but it was way off our price range! Hooray for recession!
Hope you will join my later to see how the visit went!

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  1. oh what a lovely place.
    Good luck and I hope everything runs smoothly.


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