Friday, 17 April 2009

Touch Wood...

Yes, people touch as much wood as you can while reading this! But we got news last night that the property that we were waiting on being sold is now sold! But this is subject to survey, hence the crossing of the fingers. Assuming that this sale does go through we are very much in a position to get our house on the market and start looking at other properties with an actual view to buy! Must.. Contain... Excitment... But isn't it amazing how things suddenly happen, just the beginning of this week I was thinking, there has been no progess towards the move, none at all, and here we are one house sold (touch wood!) and the possibility of the second going on the market!!

The excitment is also being made worse by the fact that we have just found a property about 15 minutes from where we are now that, from looking at the schedule, has so much potential it could pop and is less than any of the places we had looked at before!

We are trying to get a viewing but it looks like it will be into next week before we are able to go, the owners are not available at the weekend.
This little place I will report on properly with its own post once we have been but a quick overview I shall give you now. It is on roughly 4 acres of land, 2 bedroom house (bit small but hopefully scope for extension), stabling for three horses, and 2 large outbuildings. There is also appears to be a garage or possibly large shed. I have tried drawing a line around what we believe to be the extent of the property, ahh trusty paint! We will obviously check exactly what is the property but if it is all that then this is a very possible property. I am quite looking forward to going and looking around.
As I said the house itself is quite small but with all the possible space around, assuming there are no strange planning permission laws then extending is a definate option.
And at this price level... we are talking mortgage free people!!!
More updates as events warrant!

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