Monday, 6 April 2009

The Vegetables Begin

I thought that I would have a few vegetables in the garden this year but due to the fact that last year my greenhouse died and this year fell over completely I am doing it 'without greenhouse'. But I am not going to let it stop me going for some old favourites and also trying some new ideas for low maintainence home-growns.

Today saw me planting out the yellow peppers and chillis into their pots. Without a greenhouse I have used some of the ever available plastic drinks bottles as little individual greenhouses. This means that I can get the little plants straight into the garden without worry.

I have also planted some sweetcorn seeds. These will be kept in our shed until the seedlings are strong and ready to go outside. Wondering where you would plant corn plants? Well, how about a pot, make it a reasonable size and you should get about four plants in one. These will also make great height for the back of a pot display on your porch or decking. Even grow them in your conservatory for a unique talking point.

I have also bumped out my strawberry plant crop with some new blood so hopefully this will result in some more fresh berries for some more strawberry jam.
I will be updating with more tips and updates on the garden exploits soon..

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