Monday, 13 April 2009

So Many Tulips..

I love planting bulbs for the following year as I have always forgotten how many, or in some cases, what I have planted. This year the best thing has been the tulips. I planted some last year but hadn't realised I had planted so many or in so many colours. So I thought I couldn't let the opportunity pass by without sharing them with you.

Lots of flowers are coming out in the garden at the moment. The crocuses have been and gone and the daffodills are in full bloom, with some already finished. There are still many bulbs that I have planted this year that are waiting to come up but a few are peaking through the earth. I have finished planting up my pots and deciding where they aught to go in the garden. It is looking good and I think when the bulbs finally do there thing there will be a great display. Just need to have a barbeque now to show them off!!

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