Tuesday, 21 April 2009

Tuesday 21nd April - Property Viewing

Bedrooms: 2/3
Bathrooms: 1 (only a shower room)
Land: 4.5 acres
Stables for 3, two large sheds, garage, shared private drive

Well, we headed up the driveway and the first thing that we thought was this is nice, bumping along our own country track style driveway. First possible problem with the house is not in itself but in the adjoining property, which is in a very bad state. Not derelict but very unloved. Slates missing and grubby brick work, sad looking car, you get the idea. we are told that the neighbour is an older gentleman taxi driver, who keeps to himself. First visit is to the sheds. Smallest one first, a nice size for a garage and, I'm not great judging distances (woman thing) but I would've thought that it could've taken both cars. They use it to store hay as it is somewhat leaky, but not horrendously so. I've tried to mark on the photo with numbers so this is shed 1. Shed 2 was being used for the horses tack so was perfectly dry and secure. Shed 3 was set up like a motor workshop, viewing pit, that chain thing that lifts the engines about. They were both the same size and could, apparanly hold 6 cars, I would definately have said 4 large saloons easily. The stables were amazing. Great condition and of a very good size, they led straight onto the land and the horses appeared to be able to come and go as they pleased. They are not shown to their best in the photo but they were really nice!
Standing out by the stables though it became apparant how close the motorway was, you could see it and you could definately hear it. To me that's a big issue, I am looking for a country property and would hate to be remined of the town! D didn't seem bothered too much as you couldn't hear it in the house, but I want to be outside!!
The house itself was very small. There was no place for a kitchen table, or any table. The bedrooms were small as was the living room and the bathroom had no bath, just a shower. But they were all livable. The boiler would require replacing and so would the oven. The central heating was LPG so we would be looking to replace that with oil. The windows were aluminium and would need to be replaced at some point. There would definately need to be an extension. We asked about planning permission rulings and he said most people who have been looking at the property have asked the same thing and planning permission seems to be sketchy, it does seem to depend upon exactly what you were looking to do.
All in all a very promising property but there are some bigger issues whcih may turn out to be to big to overcome or live with. We don't mind if the property needs to be changed but the area is something we can't do anything about and so will have to select it carefully!!

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