Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Another Possible Property!

Nothing can stop me looking!! I know, I know we haven't got the money nor the time at the moment but I just need to know that there are properties out there that are suitable! If you can't keep dreaming what can you do? This one is a bit further away from Glasgow and as a result is MUCH cheaper than the last place. At least this means we have some idea how far out of the bigger cities we'd have to go in order to find the kind of property we are after in the price range that we can afford!! Although this property is a bit higher than what we had oringinally been considering.
This is definately another property with a lot of potential. It has the outbuildings that I would want to convert to rooms and the house itself is huge which allows for family and visitors. And I just love the kitchen! You can't see in the pictures but it has a HUGE range cooker!! I would love an aga but this is the next best thing! It'll beat that tiny little shoebox of an oven that we have at the moment!! Christmas dinner in our house is SO well organised you wouldn't believe! Once the turkey is in the oven there is only room for one other tray and it has to be so low in the oven that everything on it takes twice as long to cook!! They say kitchens sell houses.... and they're right!!

I think I aught to make a check list of all the things:
  • I'd LIKE the house to have, and
  • All the things the house HAS to have.

Then each property we look at we can check them off and compare them that way! Likes aren't as important as Has Tos but they are the deciding factor in two Has To houses that are the same. If that makes sense!? Makes sense to me!!

D also likes this one, which is a bonus, obviously. As this venture will be my baby it is important that we find somewhere suitable for me but also somewhere that he is happy. This is one reason why we decided on having rooms outwith the main house for guests to stay in. To avoid them being in our home.

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