Thursday, 11 September 2008

A Bit Of Mental Preparation

I decided, shortly before the start of my current job, that, as we weren't in a position to move that I should try and do something to not only prepare myself for the first step into business management but also keep my spirits up. I was beginning to feel like this dream was just out of reach and I would never get there! So I decided that some home schooling was in order. I decided that I would learn book-keeping. At the time I also thought it would look good on the CV too. So I signed up for a home taught book keeping course.

I have been really enjoying it, there is something very satisfying about having your books balance at the end of the question!! I am also sure that it will be most beneficial when I do start to help keep track of all the in and out-goings that are destined to take place. It is possible that I am going to have to go on various courses over the period of my transition but they in themselves are a challenge that I look forward to facing!!

Unfortunately, with the wedding just passed I have had a month of not doing anything with my course but I intend to get back into it with avengance now it is all over!!!

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