Monday, 1 September 2008

Realising The Dream

My dream is, and has been for years, to own a Bed & Breakfast, but with a twist. I have always imagined that people would stay in rooms in the grounds of my home. For example, in wooden chalets or converted farm outhouses - you get the idea. I would also love to incorporate my other passion, horses, into this by at least offering livery and at most an actual trekking centre. I intend to keep things relatively small. Trying to focus on making the accommodation first class and the service the same. My mind races with the possibilities even though I know that it is a long way off and the result of a lot of hard work!

I have had many jobs in the past (Hairdresser's Assistant, Animal Keeper at a Safari Park, Pheasant/Grouser Beater, Book Rep, Council Worker and Retail Management) but none catch my imagination as much as this dream. I can spend an afternoon fantasising about the possibilities. I have no doubt that I have the drive to succeed but there are many things that are standing in my way. I intend to face them all.

Also, with my dream I hope to start a new and solid life for us and our (intended) family. What better surroundings for relaxing after work than a country house with views across the fields. And what nicer environment for children than nature itself? I am keen to rescue some battery hens and have them clucking and pecking about the garden. A vegetable patch and some fruit trees, does anything sound more idyllic? And I strongly believed that it can all be achieved with hard work and will power. It may take years or years and years but I intend to succeed!

Taking with me my new husband (of only 1 month), whose, sometimes irritating, skepticism helps me keep focused I am going to embark on the journey of a lifetime, to hopefully make my life. This blog will allow me to take you with me through the realities of the process and also through the often over-exuberant wanderings of my mind.

Updated 23/08/2009
We finally got our dream house! I cannot believe it! It seemed to take forever to get the house and all the paperwork sorted but we have and now nothing stands in our way... except the electrics, bathroom, plastering and plumbing! But hey! The heating works!!


  1. I am a very big believer in one going after the achievement of their dream(s).

    Just like you I also want to live the life of my dreams - working on my computer and working from home!

  2. Go for it!!!

    Dare to live the life you've imagined... :D


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