Sunday, 23 August 2009

Revealing the House!!

This isn't Saturday! I know, but yesterday ended up SO busy that I just didn't have time to get all the photos up. Today I shall give you some photos of the outside of the property, I will save the inside until we actually get the keys! Mainly because I currently don't have any of the inside! Okay, are you ready to take the farm tour?..

The front of the property

If walk up the drive way...

Let's go stand by that little hedge and turn around...

We'll walk further down till we reach the gate of the field
and take another look back at the house.

Please, turn around and take a look at the field
On the right here, you see the side of the hay shed, let's walk down past it.

Now, if we walk down past the hay shed and turn around...

Turn to your left, yes, we bought a nettle patch!
See that little telegraph pole, between the trees?
Let's walk over there and chcek out the byre.

There we are there's the Byre, old dairy and that little lean to is a stable. Hey, there's 'To Be' Farm Guy!
(By the way, that fence, isn't going to to be there, we actually own more land beyond it so that will need to get changed!)

Just thought we could take a closer look at the side of the old dairy. You can see the house peeking over the top. I am thinking that a greenhouse might look good just there on the left..

And to finish the tour lets go through that little gap and take a look at the little front garden.

Needs a bit of tidying but we already have plans!

And here endeth the tour, we have gone full circle. The byre and dairy are attached to the side of the house and currently have permisson to be turned into a second house. We are hoping to change this and simply convert it into more living space! That's the plan.

If I can get the hang of the camcorder I may get a video tour of the barns at some point, or you'll have to put up with another photo tour.

Here's a 'great' little plan of the area, impressed with my MSPaint Skills?!


  1. Oh wow, that looks positively fantastic! I think I'm jealous! ;-) I know you're going to love your new place. It looks so beautiful there.

  2. Congratulations, Rosie - it's really beautiful. I can't wait to see animals peering out of those stalls! And...I know I could look it up on, but what the heck is a "byre"? I've never heard this word.
    Did you sleep in the house last night? Like in sleeping bags? Or will you wait for your furniture?
    Congrats again :-)

  3. LOL A byre is like a cow shed, but on a small scale, it has small stallls that you would've put the cows in to allow them to be milked - before the times of big high tech milking sheds.

    Unfortunately, although we got into see, technically it isn't ours till tomorrow, that's when we are now getting the keys, so we weren't able to sleep in it. The current owners just let us in to look around as they felt a bit bad that it had all gone wrong and we weren't getting in this weekend, so we decended, 7 of us!

  4. congrats to looks great just as it is but with room for you to bring so much more to the property if you want to...I love it!!!

  5. Wow! It all looks so lovely. I bet you are so excited that you just cant stand have so many ideas for your property. I am so happy for you.

  6. Oh, I will definitely tune in to your blog for more updates. Will you have internet connection there?

  7. The view is simply beautiful. I do envy you. The house and out buildings need work but it will end up being something that you put your heart and soul into and will really love the results.


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