Friday, 21 August 2009

It's Friday.. But I Ain't Got That Friday Feeling...

It's Friday, people. Friday the 21st of August 2009. The day we are getting the keys to our new house.

Spot the mistake in that statement... did you get it? If you said it was the date, then you are wrong (unless you are in another time zone in which case, please pick another mistake!). Do you need keys for a house? Yes, yes I am afraid you do..

Did you pick this sentence:

The day we get the keys to our new house

You were correct!! Well done!!! It should read:

The day we were getting the keys to our new house.

Yes, its true, thanks to some truly masterful time wasting and eloquently put yet completely confusing discussions between one lawyer and the other, we passed the time for the bank transfer of the money and now have to wait until Monday! There are words for how I feel and what I think of all involved but I am too polite to say them!!

The problems are stemming from, yes, you guessed it, the septic tank outflow. Because that now involves another set of people with another set of solicitors it is causing problems. Basically, the new set of people were given about 2 days (max) to find a solicitor and get everything sorted. Which they tried to do but seemed to have failed. This was compounded by the fact that neither our solicitor nor the sellers seemed to know who it was that was supposed to be contacting this third solicitor to find out what needed to be done. We thought it was them as they will be paying the fees, they thought it was us as we want the piece of paper. So no one did anything until it was to late. I feel you can fill in your own opinions about that!

My mind thinks this could have been solved a lot more smoothly if both seller and buyer could have just sat in a room about two months ago this could all have been sorted!

We are still going up to the farm tomorrow, we have been on the phone to the sellers, who appear as equally irritated that this has happened. She basically phoned up as she was annoyed at their solicitor's handling of things and wanted a moan! Yes, it has come to that, buyer and seller chatting away while solicitor's muck us about! Anyway, they are going to let us have a look around as we had planned to do anyway, so I will be able to supply you with some nice photos and tales tomorrow.

I even had a celebratory recipe to share with you guys, I may make it anyway. I shall share that on Sunday after it has been test tasted tomorrow!!


  1. so sorry you didn't get your keys...solicitors are more of a pain than anything useful...i really feel for you but at least the sellers are nice reasonable people and I look forward to seeing the photos...Fingers crossed for monday!!

  2. Oh my dear!!
    I'm so glad for you that you're having good contact with the seller.
    But the stress...ttt...tttt....

    I hope tomorrow will be over fast.:)

  3. So sorry! It is never easy buying a house.



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