Tuesday, 18 August 2009

The Countdown Continues..

3 Sleeps to go!! I am excited but I am trying not to be, I am still not convinced!! There is still some outstanding paperwork yet to be provided by the Sellers and until I know that that is safely with our solicitor then I am not wanting to get my hopes up too much!!

But it is certainly difficult not to! I have so many plans for what we can do and what we can achieve at this place! I am looking forward to sharing some photos when we get the keys, holding off until then, have a grand unveiling. There will be a lot of work required to make the place achieve it's full potential but I have a vision!

First thing after all that work on the house, or in fact probably during it, is my orchard. I am really keen to get that in the ground and under way. Not entirely sure where I will find the money for it... what with all the renovation work and having to pay two mortgages! (Still haven't sold our current house) but Hey! Ho! I will get it from somewhere... as I say "you can always earn more!" There has been some talk that the hay that is currently in the field may still be salvageable and sellable, so maybe the money from that we can use to buy the fruit trees! Just a thought!

Also looking forward to getting a few chickens too!

Doubt I have mentioned it before but we decided that there wasn't enough on our plates at the moment so we are going on Holiday to Florida in September!! What, I hear you gasp! Well, we already had it booked, we had no idea our dream house would arrive so quickly and hadn't expected there to be an issue, let alone an overlap!! So, we will get our house, then jet off and leave it to my parents!! Perhaps it'll all be done and sorted by the time we get back... current house sold.. building work done.... extension built... perhaps not! And anyway, part of the fun of the destination is the journey!

Couldn't resist, had a trip to Google maps, here is a rather crude attempt at an overhead shot taken from there!


  1. Going on a trip, huh? Will you be able to enjoy yourself fully? What with all the things waiting for you back home and all.....:)

    And what kind of orchard are you gonna have?

  2. Certainly exciting times for you.

    A word of advice from a keen 'Orchardier' is that now's the time to plan your orchard, but you shouldn't plant until the trees are dormant - late winter or early spring before the sap 'starts rising'.

    Hope all goes well...

  3. Thanks for the tip! We had heard that it was best to do it over winter, which was why we were quite glad that we are getting the property now (although it does mean doing planting when we will probably be doing a lot of house renovation!). We are loking for advice from everywhere, we are orchard novices!


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