Friday, 28 August 2009

The Weekend Plans...

So, what is going down with the new property. We went out to see it, as you know and came up with a whole host of ideas as to what we should do to make it the house of our dreams! (How cliched is that!). We certainly had plenty ideas and there are definitely some ideas that we are going to talk through with an architect when the time comes but up until then we have some work to do on the house...

This weekend will see us getting a second quote on the damp proofing and woodworm (see previous post). The last guy told us one thing as a verbal quote then by the time we got the written quote he had upped it by a quarter again! Hadn't budgeted for a random increase so we are, quite sensibly if I do say so myself, getting another quote. Particularly after my mum's discussion with her local builder who nearly died when we explained the issues and told him the quote! So this Saturday sees the coming of the Builder Man. He will hopefully give us a more reasonable quote and may be able to get started on the work whilst we are away (my parents are house sitting both properties and the guinea pigs, caravan in tow). That would be great if we could come back to a house ready for stage two: decorating.

I am very much looking forward to decorating, I always feel it is the best way to make your mark on a property. I particularly liked the fact that below the existing carpets the floor boards look amazing, so I am really keen to get them on show, bit of sanding a nice polish and voila!
We are also having a friend (electrician) in to look at the electrics and to give us some advice on what needs to be done and his idea of the cost. We aren't sure about actually getting him to do the work, not becasue we think he can't do it, but there always seems an added risk with hiring someone you know to do something like electircs or building work as what if it does go wrong? Do you want to cause arguments about it? Obviously, you would hope both parties saw the problems as 'purely business' but it is bound to cause some issues. I think asking families in to help is different, don't mind arguing with them!! LOL

But hopefully by the end of this weekend we will have some idea as to the cost of everything and perhaps even a time frame... or maybe I am being too positive (is there such a thing?)

I have decided to add a new category for all you category followers: House Renovation. Say Hi! As there will be so much to do on the exixsting property and eventually into the extension I felt this bad boy deserved it's own topic! Hopefully I can pull my finger out and get a nice button made for it too!

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  1. I'm with you on the hiring someone you don't know...much safer and no cause for arguments...Also with quotes i always go for at least you something to barter with...hope the weekend goes well for you.


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