Monday, 10 August 2009

A Tour of Our Garden

Well, we have had some horrible weather recently so I thought I would brighten the day with some pictures of the flowers around the garden.

The sweet peas all came out blue, even though it was supposedly a 'mixed' bag!

We were trying to help out the bees this year so we added a Bee Pot and got some fabulous colours and they have just kept going. They all were flowering in relay!

I am a big Lily fan so I was so happy when these managed to bloom, and by gum they bloomed! I didn't think they would manage as the flower bed is not the best! But they managed big style. They smell wonderful, especially in the evening when I go out to put the girls (Guinea Pigs) in for the night!


  1. Beautiful pics!


  2. Loving the photos...and it's even better that you have such wonderful flowers to attract all the wildlife!!

  3. I too love lilies especially the oriental trumpet lilies. The colors are so vibrant. Wonderful photos.


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