Thursday, 20 August 2009

Not Long Now...

So, it's Thursday.. that means tomorrow is Friday! That means it is key pick up day!!!!

We are sitting fingers crossed that all proceeds as we expected. We were told yesterday that they are sure it is a septic tank on the property. The problem now is where the run off is, is it still in the grounds of the property we have just bought or on part of the land that has been sold to another person. If it isn't on 'our' land then we have to ensure that we have right of access to it! We aren't sure how this will affect the key date. We are assuming that this will be taken up by our solicitor with the new owner ofthe piece of land, although there was some talk of withholding some of the payment for the house until it is sorted... sigh.. I just want my house!! All the papers are now signed however, and all the money, from both us and the mortgage people is now with the solicitor, our team is ready to go, just waiting for Team Seller to make their move!!

The orchard that we are planning on will hopefully be around 6 - 8 trees and I am wanting a mixture of apples, plums, pears and cherries. I am ooking for something that is going to be useful in the kitchen but also just a nice place to be!! I am also imagining that this area will be fenced so it is possible that the chickens, that are on the cards will be in this area too. Although they will be able to fly out if they want, hopefully it will contain them slightly. Although I don't think that containment is going to be too much of an issue. A problem we are going to have is finding the right trees for our area, it being Scotland and we are a little exposed on top of our hill but there should be something suitable. I can't wait to go tree hunting!! Orchard is definately number one on the list!!

Monty, the star of yesterday's Wordless Wednesday, has made another appearance, seeing as he posed so nicely for this photo. Beyond his own egotistical desires to be internet famous, his photo serves no other purpose... well, it does make me smile!


  1. Make sure when you get your trees that you consider their pollination requirements! This is something many people forget and where many fail.

    We have cherries, apricots, pears and plums. Our apricot tree is self-pollinating so we don't have to have more than one (which is good because they are HUGE!). The plums and pear trees have turned into the tiniest trees ever. The cherries are a disappointment - they take a lot of space and a lot more work than we had expected (our trees that require minimal pruning/care are the ones that produce the most).

    Glad I found your blog. I'll check back soon!

  2. I was just gonna mention the pollination issues. Stark Bros is a really great tree farm. They sell via catalog and internet too, I believe. Even tho you are not in the states, you may still find them useful as far as research and information. They are really good at telling you what trees need to be together in order for pollination to happen.

    I cant wait to see all this come together for you. Especially the chickens. I am still waiting to have my own flock....until then, I just live thru everyone else as they collect eggs and hatch out chicks.

  3. It's friday now..hope you've got the keys....good luck!!!!


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