Monday, 17 August 2009

Things Move Forward.... So SLOWLY

Well, the cont down has begun! Only five sleeps to go! Tonight sees a vist to the solicitors with "The Cheque"! And that should be us all ready to go payment wise. There are still some outstanding issues with regards to paperwork that we want them to provide but they are trying to avoid providing but nothing that is too show stopping. We were after a detailed plan of the land in order to register with the land registery office (or something) but they didn't supply one as detailed as our solicitor would have liked. And there is a question about whether it is mains sewage or a septic tank which still needs clearing up, no one seems to know!! Even the people supposedly in the know!

But all is looking good in the long run and we look set to get the keys, as planned on Friday! So fingers crossed people!

And to clear up some questions that have arisen from my post comments below:

Woodworm: Woodworm is a little beetle thing that eats through wood. It slowly munches its way through joists and beams and things. You need to get a house that has them 'treated' with woodworm killer so they don't much away you're whole house. - Hope that clears it up FrugalMom :)

Damp Proofing: In soggy Scotland we get problems with damp rising through the foundations of the house and up into the walls, thus destroying your walls (and foundations). So to prevent this most modern houses are built with Damp Coarsing, a protective layer built into the brickwork of the foundation that prevents the water rising. In older properties, many don't have damp proofing as they are too old, so this needs to be added after the fact. This is usually done chemically by injecting a kind of resin stuff into the wall. In does in some cases (and in ours) require that the plaster is taken off the walls first which creates a right mess in your house.


  1. Thanks for dropping. The ecard bot has me on some sort of cooloff...whatever that is. It's been going on all weekend. As soon as it's cleared up, I'll return the favor. Thanks again

  2. Yes, that clears it up. Thank you! :) Thats only a few days away...arent you totally excited? Or are you just too busy to be excited just yet?

  3. Keeping my fingers crossed for friday...can't wait to see some pics...don't forget to photograph the grounds too!!!!


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