Sunday, 16 August 2009

Start of My Preserving

The Pear tree wasn't giving much effort (make taht zero! effort!) this season but I still managed the 2 kilos I needed for my jam: and I only had to stand on the chair for the last few!

The pears were a bit hard still but I find that they cook that little bit better than ones that are close (or over ripe). I made a nice selection of Pear and Lemon Jams (with enough to give to my parents). The jam rule in our house if you return to jar then you get it automatically refilled. My mum has worked out a good scheme too - claim you lost the jar you were given and then say 'but I have another instead' - which I notice is slightly larger than the original!! Good Planning.

I am keeping my actual recipes on my other blog, with a nice little link, this is so I can A) Keep them seperate and B) let people subscribe to just the recipes without all the 'Dream' stuff mixed in!

I hope that everyone's preserving is well under way? I have to admit I really enjoyed making this jam, if you give it a shot it has a maramlade x jam quality, sharpness of the lemons but with a sweetness running through, I think you'll enjoy it. But it left the house smelling really great, one of the best parts of jam making!! I am not going to have much to preserve this year, what with the 'we are moving' garden that we have at the moment i.e. one without much veg beyond what we can eat. I am noticing that the blackberries are starting to ripen though which should be great when they are ready, had one today, still a bit sour!!


  1. Thanks for visiting my blog! That jam sounds yummy. I cant believe that you are making jam when you are in the middle of packing and getting ready for a move!!!

  2. I have started my preserving too...i am making plum and marrow Jam this week..good tip with the jars...I think I will do this as I am always running out!!

  3. I've never done any preserving, maybe I'll try it. Thanks for the info!



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