Saturday, 29 August 2009

The Weekend Adventure...

Well, we had the trip to the farm on Saturday and had the second bloke come to look at the house and give his opinion on the woodworm and damp proofing. He took a look in the roof space (the first person to do so) and found that there was signs of wood worm up there to, this means that we will also need to get this area sprayed as well. The problem is that the roof space hasn't even got enough space to allow someone to crawl in, as a result the spray would be difficult to apply from this one roof access panel. We are going to get another hole cut to allow access as well as a few more gaps to allow the eaves to be reached. We had the choice of just 'making do' or doing it right, so we are going to go with the latter, seems sensible.

It looks like the whole house is going to need sprayed for woodworm just to keep it all safe and sound. He certainly seemed like a good bet, he explained everything and is going to give us various different quotes based on the different options we have available. It will be interesting to see how this guy's quote compares to the one that we already have.

At some point we will have to return and get the rooms measured up so we can start planning the kitchen layout and the electrical sockets that we need. Perhaps we will head over tomorrow...

In terms of the electrics, the whole house looks like it will need to be re-done to bring it up to regulation. We are going to make a map of all of the rooms and mark where we want any sockets or other outlets. It was good to speak to someone who understands the process although we are probably going to get another company in to do the actual work. Although our friend can do the work he is not at a level that can provide the required paperwork, and obviously we want to get this done right! So he is going to advise us but we are going to get some quotes from companies for the actual work.

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  1. sounds like a lot to get sorted...but I'm with you on the doing it right point getting half a job done and the house collapsing round you in a few years...good luck with the quotes!!


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