Sunday, 23 August 2009

Brace Yourself.... It's A Big 'un'...

Are you SEEING this!! Impressed aren't you! This is what I call a haul of garden goodies! LOL

Well, I guess it's not going to feed us over winter but the beans represent the first wave of beans from my three, pot-bound, bean plants. I never expected much but there is, I reckon about 4 times this still on the plants. So these little beauties have been prepared, blanched and frozen to await their bush bound buddies!

We never intended to have much this year, just wanted some plants to stave of the 'I Wanna Grow Stuff' urges.

As for the blackberries, well, they are pretty sad looking, but there are plenty more. As you can see our tub of strawberries has yeilded one strawberry ready for picking today. This tub however, I was using to try and recover my plants (rather than grow fruit) that I was terribly cruel to last year, stuck them in a pot and forgot them (oops!) They looked mighty sad the beginning of this year but are now looking great and are all prepared for to be put into the new veg/fruit patch... whenever that comes along!

I said I was making a celebration cake for getting the keys to the house, and even though we never got the keys. Fingers crossed for tomorrow, I made it anyway.

It is a Cream Cheese Loaf With Berry Swirl, and I discovered it on this great blog - The Bewitchin' Kitchen so if you fancy a shot please check it out. My swirl didn't swirl quite as it should have. but by gum it was tasty! (And it let me use up some of the left over strawberry jam I had).

Thanks to everyone for your comments about not getting the keys. It was a bit of a blow and I have to admit made me quite upset. We have been waiting to do this move for several years and thought we were managing to take the first big step on Friday. It is only a few days more, and the visit to the farm on Saturday really helped, but with all the build up for Friday...

But now tomorrow is the day and I can now look forward to it all over again, not often you get to do that twice so quickly after each other!! It should go through fine as it is literally just a case of swapping money and keys and then HURRAY!!!


  1. Might give that cake a go....keeping everything crossed for you tomorrow and can't wait to see the interior pics....Have a good nights're going to need it.. :-)

  2. Good luck tomorrow! I hope the weekend hasnt taken forever to go by. Just the morning you will have those keys in your hand!!!


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