Thursday, 13 August 2009

The Day Approaches

Well, you may have thought that I had forgotten ALL about moving. You'd be wrong, nothing could be further from the truth. We are still in discussions about buying the new property and trying desperately to keep our house tidy for potential buyers. So far we have had 0, count 'em, 0 viewers to the house but in a way we are happy as this will give us plenty time to move when the time comes.
It is still supposedly the 21st that is the key handover date so I am thinking positive that we will get in then. I don't want it to be much longer than that as I have Orchards to plant!!! (Gotta have things prioritised!) What about the woodworm and damp proofing? What about them? I have Orchards to plant!! But we do have some work needed on the house before we move in, we have had a quote for the work already which, once we regained consciousness, we have decided to get a second opinion! basically the house needs:
  • Treatment for Woodworm
  • Partial Damp Proofing
  • Possible new wiring
  • Shower room fitted (or change to existing bathroom)
  • Kitchen

I still haven't posted any photos of the house although I am dying to! But I still don't want to jinx it, even at this late stage!! (Although some people might be able to find one I sneaked in!). But a brief re-cap of the property: 3 bedroom farmhouse, attached Byre (with planning for another house in it, but we will just extend the existing house), various outbuildings and garage, 14 acres of field (yes, one stonking big field). We will have two neighbours: a Dairy Farm over the road and a new build bungalow next door. Apart from them and us there is no one else, perched on the top of a hill in Central Scotland! HURRAY!!!!

I hope you have been enjoying my new 'Let's Talk...' Series. I am hoping to continue this with as we progress through our endeavour and hopefully you might get a little something out of them too!

It is great to see all the wonderful comments that have been being left and hello to any new Subscribers, great to have you along.


  1. What the heck is woodworm? I need to go look that up right now.:)

  2. I'm guessing you don't live here in Texas. I've never heard of some of that stuff!



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