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How to Grow The Perfect Mini Herb Garden

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If you want to have some herbs readily available for you, you might want to think about growing a Chia herb garden. A Chia herb garden will allow you to have fresh herbs in your home year round. Add zest and flavor to your cooking, and enjoy the fun and benefits of indoor gardening. The herbs can be grown in clay pots, plastic window boxes or even containers of a suitable size and shape. Just be sure to make drainage holes on the bases of the containers. What you should grow in your kitchen garden depends on what you like to eat.

However, you do not need perfect sunshine, sea mist or even a never-ending summer to successfully grow mini herbs like rosemary. In fact, more rosemary plants suffer from too much attention than from too little. All you need to get started, is a smaller galvanized bucket (6" high x 5.5" tall) with all the necessary ingredients to grow fresh and fragrant culinary herbs right in the pail. And this size will fit right on you windowsill! The ultimate in indoor greenhouses are what are sometimes called growing racks. These look like a typical size set of shelves, but they typically have some type of plastic covering that will help keep the temperature and humidity more constant.

Mint grows like a weed, and you will be fortunate if you are a lover of mint infused teas. Select where you would like to grow your mini herb and vegetable garden. When selecting area, don't forget to read any pre-printed information inserts. Certain herbs and vegetables grow best in either full or partial sun. Chives also do well by clipping their flower heads; and the more you harvest the more chives will grow. Thyme has many growth habits and is a low maintenance plant, making it perfect for every herb garden. Once you have decided which herbs to grow you can focus on designing an herb garden to best accommodate each of the plants. Planting an herb that likes the direct sun in a shady location will not result in a successful garden.

Some herbs, such as basil and thyme, need maximum sunlight and so do best on a south-facing windowsill. Here you could group together individual pots of basil, chives, oregano, thyme, and salad burnet for year-round snipping. Who wouldn't want a selection of fresh basil or cilantro to cook with! These mini potted herbs would be a great parting gift for your wedding attendants, and would add to your venue. Actually it's not for breakfast at all, really, don't eat it - though harvesting your parsley and basil crop is of course deeply satisfying.

If your rosemary plants live outdoor, they can become up to two meters, but if you are growing rosemary indoors, it is recommended that you cut the top now and then. It will prevent the plant from growing very tall, and will give you a fuller and bushier rosemary plant. Planting the herbs in neat rows will accentuate the formality and allow for tidy maintenance procedures to be carried out. Tip: One of the most common causes of indoor plant problems and diseases is due to over-watering not under-watering.

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