Tuesday, 1 September 2009

Only When You Haven’t Got a Camera!

So we made it to the house again on Sunday and spent some time measuring up all the rooms, particularly the kitchen as this is something that needs to be changed before we can move in, mainly because it has only an oven and a sink in it! Our problems with the kitchen are:
  • It’s too small
  • It won’t always be a kitchen

It being too small is obviously a temporary problem, the plan being to make the kitchen in the byre/barn/dairy… in the extension! But it means what do we do with our stuff meantime and we also need a functional kitchen until the new one is ready, and we have no idea when that will be. The final use of this kitchen will be a laundry room style affair, probably with a nice big deep freeze in it. Both because we are a bit further away from shopping facilities so it will be good to be able to buy in bulk but also for all those veggies I intend to grow.

This situation results in the problem ‘The Oven’, we have inherited an old yet functional oven, which is great, it will tide us over until the new range cooker in the new kitchen, but it causes problems. We want to add new units and cupboard, as the kitchen currently has none, but with a free standing cooker this causes issue. Should we stop the work surface to allow for the cooker which will result in a strange gap in the surface and cupboards once the function of the room changes? Or do we go for what we want from the laundry room and just have to put the cooker somewhere less than suitable? This also results in problem with getting power to it! Arg!

We thought we had it all sorted until:
“What about the fridge?” *Sigh* “This sucks!”

So, we went upstairs to measure the bedrooms and draw nice diagrams, kitchen design is far to complicated! This was were I wished I had a camera, as somehow, we still don’t know how, a Starling (see stock photo) had got into the master bedroom and was repeatedly nutting it’s self on the windows. Managed to grab it, using one of the net curtains it had pulled down, but it slipped away and flew to bedroom three, with us in hot pursuit. The curtain had to be discarded this time as he, after being successfully grabbed, put up a peaceful protest of grasping the curtain, on which he was hanging, as tight as he could. This meant that I had to one-handedly, toe by toe, extract the lacy curtain from his grasp. He was then marched downstairs and released out the back door; he flew off, no worse for his ordeal. Our good deed done it was back upstairs to talk sockets.

Although the electrician hasn’t been decided upon we thought it a good idea to try and sort in our own minds what we wanted and where and you wouldn’t believe how tricky it is. Standing in an empty room trying to picture your furniture in it and therefore where the sockets would need to be! We managed eventually and got some diagrams drawn up.


  1. One problem down another to go, right? Got the darn bord outta the house and then you had to try and visualize where you would need some electrical outlets....when we built our house this whole visualization thing was the hardest part for me.

    Sounds tho, like you are plugging right along. Maybe you need one of those cameras that you can stick in your back pocket! :)

  2. I really don't envy you your dilemmas...but you know it os going to all be worth it in the end..maybe the starling snuck in the house to give you a much needed break?!?!?!

    On the sorting out the electric points front...you could always construct miniature furniture and rooms to scale out of newspaper..I had a friend who did this when choosing a sofa..she even put in doorway to make sure it was easy to get into the lounge!!

  3. The many joys of renovation! My DH and I own a home repair company so I have been on the other end of people having no idea what they want so planning ahead is good!



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