Sunday, 6 September 2009

The Latest Bounty

Returning to the garden, I quickly managed to grab a good handful of ready runner beans this morning from the three en-potted plants on the decking. They are certainly producing a good crop regardless of their meagre numbers, I am certainly going to be growing them at the new place, mainly because they are so easy but I also have plans for them – watch this space...

I am attributing this year’s crop to the slight change in my growing method, I stopped them growing (nipped off the growing end) earlier than I usually do. Now this I usually do but I usually let the plant grow larger than I have this year. I had to stop them short because of their position in the garden, left to their usual devises they would have made their way over the fence to the next door garden and attacked the washing line. So this year I stopped them and they seem to have appreciated it with a bumper harvest.

At the farm I am hoping to get them planted in the garden (actually in the ground) rather than pots so I am hoping that should allow them to be left to grow larger again as they won’t be competing for space or nutrients as much as they are in the pot.

I think I may have found a good spot for the strawberry patch too, although further investigation may be required. But there is an old, and quite small, silage dump (will get pictures when I can, I know you are dying to see!) that is very over grown with weeds at the moment. But I figure that with the fourth side walled up and it filled with soil it aught to make a rather nice raised fruit bed. So this may be one of the many ‘first’ projects that need to be done in the garden.


  1. glad your runners are doing should try making chutney with's surprisingly nice!!

  2. You know, I really like the title of your blog and it's description "Or to own a chicken" ...funny! :)


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